Off the Grid

by LSD

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Marko Segura
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Marko Segura Great rap skills, nice production and sublime scratchin cuts!
Highly recommended. Big up LSD and Rob Shaker! Favorite track: Off the Grid (feat. Rob Shaker).
Bree Morcroft
Bree Morcroft thumbnail
Bree Morcroft Straight out of the gates this album leaves a mark. 'Off The Grid' and 'Go' are instantly memorable, the latter certainly wouldn't be out of place on Triple J / community radio. 'Ol' School' and 'Alive Again' make a bangin' middle section while there is no easing up at the back end either. 'Slow Down' is breakneck pace and 'Rio' doesn't fail to bring the party vibe. A solid collection of well crafted and nicely produced tracks. Fans of previous work will welcome the return with open ears. Favorite track: Go (feat. The Missus & Rob Shaker).
Bradley Rust
Bradley Rust thumbnail
Bradley Rust Aus Hip-Hop is probably one of the hardest genres to nail. There's a real charm about it when done right, & this album is on point. Production is precise, lyrics demand your attention, make a statement & stick. Most importantly they are delivered strongly when they need to be, but also work pulled back a bit. Musically the hooks jump out, love the male / female interaction throughout. Variety is a key element, no two songs are the same on here. Up on the top shelf with the big names this one. Favorite track: Go (feat. The Missus & Rob Shaker).
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New video clip Big Star (feat. The Missus) out now:

LSD moved "off of the grid" in musical terms when becoming disillusioned with the business side of hip hop. This decision came after a successful debut release which saw him collaborate with Gift of Gab (Blackalicious, US), Optamus (Downsyde, SBX, AU) and the track "Self Destruct" included in Australian Hip Hop Supports CanTeen.

Deciding he'd stop for good this time LSD found it harder than he realised to kick the habit. You don't just stop being hip hop. A chance meeting with Rob Shaker showcasing his neck snapping beats convinced him to return to writing again. Only now the priority was making music for himself and fun in general.

Without rushing or trying to put a specific release together during a four year hiatus, LSD realised he had amassed together enough tracks for an album. There is no hint of a "catered for audience" or demographic, and no self-censorship. Having an album compiled of songs written over a four year period also provides a detailed insight into LSD's journey, what took him 'off the grid' and why he's now returned back from it.

Comprehensive album reviews available here (, here ( and here (


released August 17, 2015

Off the Grid
Lyrics written and performed by LSD
Music produced by Rob Shaker
Cuts performed by Rob Shaker

Lyrics written and performed by LSD and The Missus
Music produced by Creed Birch
Cuts performed by Rob Shaker

Good Times
Lyrics written and performed by LSD
Music produced by Rob Shaker
Cuts performed by Rob Shaker

Story to Tell
Lyrics written and performed by LSD and The Missus
Music produced by Grimz Beats with additional production by Rob Shaker

This is Now
Lyrics written and performed by LSD
Music produced by Creed Birch

Slam (ft Life MC, LSD, Chase, & Bitter Belief)
Lyrics written and performed by Life MC, LSD, Chase, & Bitter Belief
Music produced by Rob Shaker
Cuts performed by Rob Shaker

Ol’ School
Lyrics written and performed by LSD
Music produced by Mat Rafle with additional production by Rob Shaker
Cuts performed by Rob Shaker

Alive Again
Lyrics written and performed by LSD
Music produced by Creed Birch
Cuts performed by Rob Shaker

Big Star
Lyrics written and performed by LSD and The Missus
Music produced by Grimz Beats with additional production by Rob Shaker & Ruby Horns: Brendan Grey and Matt Smith

The Kids
Lyrics written and performed by LSD
Music produced by Mat Rafle with additional production by Rob Shaker
Cuts performed by Rob Shaker

Lyrics written and performed by LSD and The Missus
Music produced by Grimz Beats with additional production by Rob Shaker
Cuts performed by Rob Shaker

Thump (ft 32Krew)
Lyrics written and performed by LSD, Smiley, Soma, & The Apprentice
Music produced by Kostia with additional production by Rob Shaker

Slow Down
Lyrics written and performed by LSD
Music produced by Rob Shaker
Cuts performed by Rob Shaker

Lyrics written and performed by LSD and The Missus
Music produced by Cam Bluff

Lyrics written and performed by LSD
Music produced by Alex Hejleh with additional production by Rob Shaker

Lyrics written and performed by LSD
Music produced by Rob Shaker



all rights reserved


LSD Perth, Australia

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Track Name: Off the Grid (feat. Rob Shaker)
First verse:

Welcome to the sound of a man now out of the frame of rap
All of his own accord since he ignored playing the games to rack
Cash, fame, or having a name, ‘cause the main
Motivation is respect of others who peddle the trade
Based on skill, fuck the popularity contest
Aim to kill mics whether I’m liked or not ‘cause nonsense
Is often present in hip hop’s presence some kids get jealous
Or fellas start hating just because of your associations
There’s no debating, shit gets ridiculous
Cunts don’t know me yet show negativity through ignorance
Well my decision is – not to be giving a fuck
I don’t need to be the “new star” or feel like I need to conceal a grudge
Or bother having them, brother it’s just not happening
Most rappers will happily admit that I’m body bagging them
I got nothing to prove, not in the pocket of music
Money makers, no fan base, so mate I got fuck all to lose…

Second verse:

I don’t pull a crowd so I understand how
I’m expected to shift tickets if I’m standing around
On a stage these days but making mates and family now
Pay their way to hang out is wack as fuck so I’m tapping out
No more gigs that’s cool, don’t need the hassle to
Hustle cash for another when I’m scrapping for food
And shit when I begun, just spitting rhymes was fun
But then the bitching guys and business side decide to come
So fuck all this I’ll just live off of the grid
No more pressure for records, do just a couple of gigs
On my own terms until the bucket is kicked
Not bothered for nothing just having some fun with this shit
Kicking it simply to keep my virility
Because you can bet the effect that I have is infesting a bunch of new “mini me’s”
New kid MC’s are classic, act like they don’t like it
Next week they’re record drops and then they’ve tried to bite it
Track Name: Go (feat. The Missus & Rob Shaker)

Every minute I
Go (I keep it moving, moving on)
Every week, every day, every minute I
Go (I keep it moving, moving on)
If I fall down always stand tall and
Go (I keep it moving, moving on)
Every week every day every minute I
Go, won’t slow don’t know “no” just go! (I’ll never stop can’t you see?)

First verse:

So much winning when you’re living in the city of Perth
It’s only right that I spit a little shit to Creed Birch
And just like my beginning igniting many words
This mic’s got me feeling real nice when I’m immersed I
Go, flow through life like I do a show
Our minute of existence to slight to be living slow
That’s why I want to know about that sky trail of smoke
And the nano-technology all the way up to the GMO’s
Don’t let it get to me just steadily learn
Fuck it, I’d rather be ready if we’re getting burnt
But keep it a party with the fam and friends you bet we’re berserk
And building an army you can trust that marks success on this earth
Stagnation the enemy that will never censor me
‘Cause when you have it critical faculties end with ease
Or you’re just static lounged on a couch of apathy
For me there isn’t time, every minute I…


Second verse:

Life’s survival, trials to fight with
That’s why finding the right sidekick’s priceless
Someone to spend all the time not just a night with
And why I’m so god damn proud of who my wife is
Perpetually move through the good and the bad
All better for it to, now a crew with a son on the map
Could never now lose what’s pursued, long as they’ve got my back
In fact, I’ve won and now if I see negativity hitting me then I’ll be picking me
Back the fuck up jump up like some kind of ninja figurine
While enemies dither and I’m exploding their shit into smithereens
Into the mid twenties time to trade blazing for vitamins
Still hitting the piss but then next day up and hitting gyms
Stay on the grind. Why? They want you to lose
But that’s harder to do when you constantly move
Never stop fuck brakes, get it done trust, mate
Shit I’m finished with the talking ay, yo tell them what’s up shakes

Track Name: Good Times (feat. Rob Shaker)
First verse:

Back attacking the track yo rap novices
Shaker’s basically daring you not to head nod to this
These days we’re offered the same old lame topics
With little taste made for the brainless main populace
But hey I’m dropping creative and stay positive
Just maybe I’ll be played to the new wave of hip hop’n kids
And they take away my whole aim and hypothesis
That rocking slick flows with substance is a must and fucking sick
Killing the similes and metaphors like I’m placing a
Sword in an aorta when spraying them
Rhymes sourced are more raw than a lion’s portion of steak
And the word forms are the prey - I slaughter each take with them
All I’m maintaining is I’ve spent more time honing this shit
Than a jehova’s witness would retorting an atheist
And you bet I sit and learn from rap greats
So I can reach a level comparable to Mr Burn’s catchphrase (“excellent”)

Second verse:

Originality is some shit that we badly need to have indeed
This madness seems to grip all of reality
I lose my sanity quicker than concentration in human anatomy
When rappers repeat a stupid analogy
This is your trade make better use of the language please
Or have at least a sense of flow to get over a slamming beat
This anarchy has to be down to the
Lack of patience kids racing to chase a fantasy
At the cost of solid topics and concepts
But of course they’re role models are fuck heads
Money driven with very little lyrical content
What’s worse is they observe the decision giving them success
Stuff them just do you fuck what the rest say
I stay an artist regardless words are the best paint
Delivering dope it’s like I’m Mexican for the fresh way
I pack each sentence with so many references I’m an essay
(It’s not all about “success”)

Third verse:

I feel sorry for the cunts stuck knee deep in this rap game
Believing they’ll grab pay, or need it to have mates
When some of the peeps in this scene can seem conceited and act way
Faker than claimants of centrelink payments for back pain
Not shaking my hand like it’s a fucking punishment
Fact is if you act like that then I probably don’t want to kid
And I don’t got a problem with anyone up in this
Even though it’s not mutual it’s futile to give a fuck ‘bout it
So I don’t bro, bitching’s a no go
If you show negativity I flip it like Dojo’s
Use that shit for the energy to keep all my shows dope
Hone flows ripping new holes like you’re the ozone
So sick of this whole thinking divisibly really
We need as many kids in this scene that can kill a beat
So when I hear one I think it’s wicked for this city
And it keeps me persistently working better with each CD
(If you’re bored “I got the remedy”)
Track Name: Story to Tell (feat. The Missus)
First verse:

She was seventy five weathered eyes full of that wisdom,
A temper of fire I admired always persisting
To never retire from her mind or play the victim
To the sickness being old inflicted
And I was young enough to not give a fuck at what
The other kids would think if I sat across from her
So I did and as it turns out I’m glad
For the stories by the beach from the Gran I never had

She would always say we’re all made up of history
Hers came at a cost she lost her granddad to Gallipoli
Further to this was the impact it had would lead to the
Breakdown of her family unit her and her sister leave
Put in an orphanage by social services
Then split apart by the foster family circuses
And after she’d had enough of shocking abuse
She got up and moved, admitted to slipping into the comfort of booze
But managed to snap out of it, with nothing to lose
Turned to nursing for a profession then her confidence grew
Travelled the world met her Italian husband, plus
Had her own girl then she added a son and
Felt like she made it in the worst of adversity
When she knew first hand how all of the amount of hurt she’d seen
Had caused suicide or people to use then die
Each day I’d skate back to the park after this lady had blew my mind

Can you hear the words of the people?
It's as loud as the bells on the steeple
Still they never will
The ones hard of hearing are young and it goes on

Second verse:

Every few days I’d always stop by, say hi
And watch as she’d chuck a couple of scraps to the seagulls while I’d
Just listen to more pieces of life lived and advice
Given with pride on what she did with her time
Question; how can you smile with all the shit you’ve survived?
She shifted and sighed then wiped a little tear from her eye
And said “in strife there are two types of people you’ll find
Some will just crumble becoming victims for life
But others will fight, use the pain as fuel to break the demise
Never forget, but never let your best traits ever die”
And I’ll always remember that, just like December back
Then when for once she wasn’t at the bench in fact
She hadn’t made it for weeks then a newspaper released
Information on recent increases in preying on weak
And the elderly, bags snatched dashed on pavement
Her face displayed the latest death these crack heads created…
Track Name: This is Now
First verse:

Ed Snowden showed a real tragedy
Not that privacy died
But so many know the fallacy
They don’t deny that life
Is slowly unraveling, governments cracking
And close to insanity but the reaction of
This shrug of the shoulders baffles me
There’s just so much goddamn apathy
Since 9/11 our freedoms
Taken the same exit
As the world trade centre 7
Has from todays history records
What’s up with the sky being dirty?
I remember in my childhood it wasn’t murky
So I know there must be something to the claims in
The doco "What in the World are They Spraying?”


This is now
Just say no
What does it take
For the human race to explode?

Second verse:

It’s easy to be dismissing this
Believing it’s ridiculous
Well at least search for the meaning
Of the term cognitive dissonance
I used to think the shit would hit
Some distant future fan but this is it
They say ignorance is bliss
Well let’s tell that to Fukushima’s kids
Sucks to be them and most ignore it
What about what goes unreported
Since the earthquake each day
Hundreds of tonnes of nuclear waste enter ocean’s waters
And what about when global orders
Go the same way as the FDA
Just change the safety scale
For radiated food intake and the problem’s sorted


Third verse:

Had enough these old bastards regard us
As another farm animal but the pastures
Getting smaller so they thought they should start to
Depopulate and creating disasters
Just part of the plan for our masters
And Monsanto is a grand thing for culling
With the added bargain of them copping all our money
When succumbing to cancer from all their GMO garbage
Glyphosate isn’t just getting us sick
Research shows four generations exposed to it never have kids
How can we get these mother fuckers to just lessen their grip?
I don’t know the answer but there must be something better than this.
Track Name: Slam (feat. Life MC, LSD, Chase & Bitter Belief)
LSD’s verse (2nd):

I’m done with the battle rapping that’s maccas in music form
Mass manufactured any real lasting satisfaction’s small
Still I make any rapper stall, spitting with above average force
Split ‘em apart by twisting ‘em up ‘cause they could never combat my torque
Raps devour with more horse power than that thoroughbred
Pharlap with Jessica-Parker armed in a GT500
You want to test? Send in the fastest then
I spoiler party quick as I exhaust metaphors into the scrapyard of death
And this is our success, bodying a suckers best
I love it when you rappers sit there acting like you’re not impressed
You’re stuck incessantly running with weak
Done to the death topics get some original themes
And “C” me like a section as each line effects
Incisions, delivering new lines into life each breath
Reverse the line of steps for MC’s I fright and scare
Crawling all the way back up in their dad’s nuts to hide in there.
Track Name: Ol' School (feat. Rob Shaker)

Who spit it as slick as this? The verbally liquid lipid kid
"I’m done with the battle rapping" who the fuck I think I’m kidding?
Shit I’m ill at it.
Mind faster than Schumacher in his prime but unlike his end result
Those opposed end up comatose
So fuck all those,
Bringing the beef you can leave like a vegetable or suffer from a fucking overdose
Of LSD turn bat shit crazy wear a dress and pee
Sitting down with a frown because there is no remedy


If you’re not down with that ol’ school sound
(Back the fuck up)
If you won’t ever do fat boom bap
(Back the fuck up)

Second verse:

I’ll have these new cats saying “who’s that
Slamming goon back from the goon bag cranking boom bap?”
“Well dude that’s LSD check his new track”
“It sounds kind of old though, but I guess he’s got a dope flow”
That’s all you need to know
Plus any people who delve a little deeper know
That my bars are unbelievable
Five star all of the eager blokes
Who try hard but are just weak at flows
Tell me why these mcs try to reinvent the wheel bro?
From that monotonous singy songy rapping shit
To kids dribbling shit they need to cut back on the laxatives
Or the inadequate effort to rapid spit but nobody can understand the shit
Like skinny jeans their shitty beats also need fattening
So like the outcome of a scrap, if one of you cats
Tried to match me skill for skill over a microphone - no doubt you’d crash
While triumphantly I’ll emerge without a scratch
That’s cool, but the fact your record does the same thing’s fucking wack
Track Name: Alive Again (feat. Rob Shaker)

Man I could never leave, how?
When hearing beats like this I’m at peace now.
(When I find my pen, I’m alive again)
And to think I nearly let it go
When this shit is like the medicine here for my soul
(When I find my pen, I’m alive again)

First verse:

I strike out at kids on beats like this was little league
It leaves them trembling when they see my delivery
Bring me the illest see why they call me “GP with ninja feet”
Or “Doctor hook kick” for the way I heal/heel these sick MCs
Like fucking on pills I’ve come at my peak
But it’s with some narcoleptic pussy all these cunts are asleep
Could it be ‘cause of the way I often honestly speak
Like there’s no radio play unless the presenter’s on your release
And I can number ten reasons of why I want to (one, two)
Be a beacon of threedom to the people in my songs through
The right way fourcing applause for my thoughts if I’ve (five) made
A bit of difference while spitting the sick (six) shit then life’s great
And it’s heaven (seven) when you’re getting recognition for the rhyme play
But it don’t really happen that much with mine meight
It’s all good an iron (nine) will combines well with a mic stay
Gripped to the mission content with my place


Second verse:

Like dysfunctional bowels, with a mic I screw shit up, but
Don’t ever let somebody tell me that I’m stupid bruz
If every clever sentence I invented represented a victim
Too many get stepped on and wrecked by ruthless cunts
And rappers can act like dudes that are super suss
Whether parents, teachers or policeman all they do is judge
“You’re not true hip hop, don’t know you, and your tunes all suck”
It proves they’re being the ignorant dickhead they just accused you of
The clever kid that never listened so I ‘spose
Intelligence in everything isn’t an IQ number
Now I paint pictures with lyrics touching the soul
‘Cause some work different be it visually or tactile but the
Combination has got them saying LSD’s
System suggests that it knows best while that sly fucker
Spits subliminal missiles if you’re critical it still
Sucks you in like some human sized venus fly trap – you’re "buggered"
The GFC to pathetic MCs economy, as they are
Relegated to lower income or poverty
For the fans of high standards in rap so yea you should probably leave
Because you didn’t fit in with what they say that you’ve got to be



Now there’s a third verse but it’s hidden
In every second sentence of the second verse I just spit
And if you rewind, have a listen
You’ll find my criticism
Of society’s insistence
On an education prison
Track Name: Big Star (feat. The Missus)
First verse:

Effortless butter flow sends ya head to another zone
Forget ya stress with a bottle open or get ya self an O
Z to roll up and just puff and then when ya comfortable
I’ll start the show, ladies and gentlemen welcome to one and all
I’m LSD, better believe it rhymes lead a mind deep into
Ego abyss these other kids they just aren’t as dope
Trying to bite on my flavour’s asking for danger
And leaves ya gasping like victims of waterboarding in Guantanamo
Bay, lame artists all pray off grid I remain, they
Know if I don’t then their fans would be halved in a day
All it takes is one listen they see what they’re missing then
in an instant our playlists switch their positions like
conscientious fuckers insist except my music is
Anything but and if it’s on top then it always finishes first,
leaving the cunts in a fit! You’ll feel me long after I ex-
tinguish since I’m bringing the verbal equivalent of a million arsonist hits


I’ll take up my shit on the move
You stay stuck there just watching me
I’m gunna leave I’m gunna leave this rap stuff
While others dream they’re gunna be a big star

You go watch who pays for hip hop
When it’s played on airwaves it’s kids bucks
I’m gunna leave while others be a big star
Get around the underground and hear this new shit is hot

Second verse:

Now conscious rappers sound suss when they discuss
how much they hate Straight bars, do you like watching
boxing minus punches to ‘cause mate amusing insults in
hip hop’s about as mutually exclusive as that or ugly women in make up,
Brain sparks flames on mic’s witnesses leave
Thunderstruck like AC/DC I’m “current” and make charge
Exceed your phone company’s monthly limit for data
Apologies my tunes are constantly refreshing, Shaker!
Muddy my vocals or something, give these new jokers a fucking
Chance to rap before I cause the entire genres combustion
In fact fuck fire I spit liquid nitrogen hop in
The booth after me you leave dying of pneumonia coughing
When I pen a verse the mental service watches my health
‘Cause all I can think about is how am I going to be topping my self
Arrogant? Nah I’m just a fucking cunt, can’t you tell?
And I’m not going to stop until I cop head off the whole of hip hop while in hell


Third verse:

Aerosol Rhyme Tags Insightful Samples Then
Applies Rapidly Timed Intellectual Sentences That
Are Required To Inspire Several Technically
Adequate Rhymers This Is Satisfying: Try
And Rap To Improve Standards Tonight
Lyricists that feel the lamestream’s alienating you
Just play K Rino, Life MC or Raven here in Australia
I remember the feeling of filth I left with in the
Days that I fucked with A and R
Like TI’s ST infection off Iggy Azalia
I’ve rapped the acronym, said 3, spelt the letters in the last two bars these kids
Still struggle to grasp with what the fucking hell an ARTIST is
I’ll tell you what it is not the shit currently passed in
To radio offices what’s with the nonsense they play to us
God it’s so garbage if you’re not under six or partly retarded
I hold you responsible it’s simple economics if
You’re dumb enough to consume it
Some fuck head’s going to produce it
Vote with your wallet or choose to
Spread some knowledge in music please.
Track Name: The Kids (feat. Rob Shaker)
First Verse:

Feeling no stress from his latest stretch
Jeff steps in his house without a smile
'Cause he knows there’s not much time left
Till he’s back inside and no one will bat an eye
Would probably not be any different
If his life could have rewind

He was just another typical kid
In school the rigid and stiff
Rules would give him the shits
And lead to his persistent questioning of the system and if
It’s a relevant fit for every kid till a teacher got pissed
Then in an instant snapped:
"Shut your little trap
Go sit at the back with the
Other ignorant brats!"
And later in detention Miss Fraser announces this:
“Sorry to say it son but you won’t amount to shit.”
So he’s fighting back the tears
Sharpens up a pencil then his thigh is slashed and pierced
Walking in the rain madness in his ears
His Dad who was s’posed to get him once again has disappeared
And he found solace with the others
Who’d been given up on to they’re like his brothers
Throw a fondness for drugs into the mix,
Schemes to get rich quick and you'll see why he’s not bothered…

Hook/Chorus (x2):

Look at the kids they’re always acting up
Ever thought the reason why is back to front?
Look at the kids they’re always mad as fuck!
Ever thought the reason why is back to front?

Second Verse:

Things looked so much better for Michelle
Middle class with two loving parents there as well
Till she fell in love living became hell
The neighbor who was eighteen took her virginity, she was age twelve
Picture the scene as she watched
The man that she love struck down landed in cuffs
Now she’s branded a slut
In school she ends up sleeping around and up the duff
And she hammers the drugs
The pain it goes away but the kids keep adding up
It isn’t the fact each kid has a different dad which is unpleasant
But it’s just like at Christmas time there isn’t one present
She tries quitting the pipe
But each time it rewinds to the scene of the crime
His parents yelling out “slut do you know what you’ve done?!
It’s all your fault we’ve lost our only son!”

Track Name: Cheaters (feat. The Missus & Rob Shaker)
First verse:

He would get bitches wet
Leave them looking like their surname is Cage ‘cause they’re knickerless/Nicholas
His success the direct cause of distress
For his missus next she has left four
Kids in a wreck ‘cause he couldn’t keep his dick in check
See it’s a mess, now his sons and daughter thinking it’s
Just how men behave they perpetuate the disrespect
His boys are instigating while the girl accepts her fate
And it’s set to replay again each generation is affect-ted
And yet it’s still party hardly thinking about
Consequences, just the fucking
Women and how often will this scene be repeated in
Every corner of the globe each weekend and evening
Aw Yeah! Shit you dudes are ballers
Stacking up mad snatch while your crew supports it
But acting up like that is it so appealing when the reason
Your dick’s been bleeding is ‘cause your girl was also cheating.


I know you see me and you want it
I know your feeling like your falling, don’t try behaving
Oh, yeah, oh, yeah show me what you’re working with

They, they always leave they’re wifey waiting
I take and there’s no hesitating, don’t try behaving
Yea uh yea show me what you’re working with

Second verse:

Don’t get it twisted if you’re single well then
Go get your dick in any women that’ll
Show interest in your mating call what you waiting for?
Turn this shit off right now and slay that whore
But all you others with baby mothers under the covers
And any brothers who keep their other half undiscovered
Up in the clubs on the look for another slut to fuck with
Won’t get respect from me, you just seem weak and cuntish
But that fallopian’s opium
It’s in my nature to chase tail like a Doberman – what?
Fellas suggesting there’s sex addiction excusing it
That’s like making a career out of one fucking topic: Ludacris
Come on now dude your miss isn’t really new to this
Every red blooded bloke knows who the chick is with the hugest tits
In any room they sit but like not killing other humans there’s
This thing called self control brother try using it.
If you choose to live with a missus it’s super simple
Act how you’d hope she would behind your back and sit you’ll stick
To perusing instead of ever pursuing it
And if she doesn’t follow suit well then just fucking lose the bitch

Track Name: Thump (feat. 32 Krew)

“I feel so big right now…”
Hear my feet stomping in the street go
Hear my speech over every beat go
Heartbeats of my enemies go
“I feel so big right now…”

LSD's verse (1st):

You thought we wouldn't be back for more?
Ha, Count on us like Dracula
We don't just sift through bull shit we smash the source/sauce like drunken matador's
With rap that's more Chapman or Oswald we assasinate these characters
What's with the disease
That has associated racism with Aus hip hop it seems
According to bigots this shit is synonymous with a swastika
I’m no historian but isn’t this music of black origin?
So what you’ve thoughts wrong
You ignorant fellas must crush too much hillbilly heroin 'cause you’re an oxymoron
You're not supposed to exist
Kindly fill up the bathtub plug in a toaster and sit
And it isn't a countdown when you hear 3... 2... 1
It's referring to what the 32 Krew's done with each song
As I leave rap I can add Life and Gift of Gab's two of the maddest dudes to rap shit,
Tell me, how many of your favourite MCs have you collabed with?
Track Name: Slow Down (feat. Rob Shaker)
First verse:

Let’s begin with a fact - I’m winning in rap
LSD but I leave you addicted like smack
My needle precision incisions in tracks
Penetrate every brain any listener’s trapped
Standards lift instantly thanks
Now that I am quitting and back
To being a fan of this shit I won’t have
To be hearing the wack things the kids spit us now
Great White rhymer, leave you dead in the water
Way I maintain a dope flow they call me the Mexican border
Bring that excitement writers get applying texta to walls
Spit images sicker than all them pictures on the cigarette warnings


They say I should slow down
I don’t really know how
Fuck ‘em I just zone out
(Yea, check it out)
So if you don’t you know now
I will never slow pal
Catch up or get mowed down

Second verse:

I keep it mad so rhyme
Vincent Van Gogh type
Lyrics so vivid if I get iller than this
Advisory stickers will need
Rewriting suggesting to sit
At least like five metres away
From any of the speakers kicking my shit
Or all the women who listen start contracting siphilous
Fellas that bitch find they’re mouth with a fist in it
Kids hearing now know there’s no Father Christmas,
Kittens end with human centipede stitches in

Compared MC’s are illiterate
Not near my league even a little bit
They could make songs with
Shakespeare sonnets
I fuck ‘em up just busting a limerick


Third verse:

Each track is a weapon my rap the infection
Weeding out MC’s like natural selection
Shakers beats are snapping the necks of
Anyone left like they’re bad at bench pressing
So when you next answer the question:
“Who’s killing it?”
Just start playing this actual record
By sticking it
In headphones,
my death flow
Wrecks shows like the decks broke
And I don’t need a stick or stone brother when
My lyrics can cripple bones suddenly
S & M verse my words are coming while cutting them
Track Name: Troubles (feat. The Missus)
First verse:

Do you get sick of it? When people think you’re this
Useless piece of shit with no real feelings if
The roles were reversed they’d be first to cut sick and yet
Here we are dealing with a now complete hypocrite
And I don’t get it this meddling mentality
Like others are more bothered than me about my reality
And I’m not perfect that shit is for certain
But at least I’m working to try and become a better person
Well I felt worthless myself for long enough
But of course I love how you’re getting up on that high horse to judge
Maybe while you take in the view
You should refocus that telescope and place it on you
Or better yet instead of changing your tune when you see my face in a room
You could take the time to explain your claims to me to
But nah, keep talking shit tot he people I care about an'
Know each second I lose respect for you when I hear about it


Oh, it happens all the time
(Life's trials are a mystery, all the while I just try to make them history)
I just don't know why

It's always on my mind
(Life's trials are a mystery, all the while I just try to make them history)
I just have to try

Second verse:

I'm not proud of it but I think I'm an alcoholic
The thought of 24 hours without a drink's abhorrent
I tried out Dry July cheated then felt evil and
Drank so much more the next month it got so bad if honest
I considered AA but I don't drink until I vomit
So the idea feels silly because I got it
Somewhat under control no binging but sinkin at least like 6 each evening
Seems to be something that I really do need to cope with
The daily stresses of life, I tell you what
They trebled the night my son decided to enter my life
Another source of frustration for me
I thought I'd make a great Dad but occasionally
I struggle with the responsibilities of raising a seed
Get caught up in my own shit too busy to play and it seems
I've found a new excuse to blame the defeat of chasing my dreams
Instead of facing up to the fact I'm a lazy MC

Track Name: Rio
First verse:

That’s the summer sun
Setting on my fun when it comes down to these sounds ‘cause I’ve got to run
And another one might come along right
But I’d like to think up on the mic I’m a phenomenon
When it comes to being one of the better one's that never shone
At least I’ll leave CD mementos when I’m gone
You can bet I’m on some next shit, hectic
Say bye to rap with a classic new record
“Off the Grid” is where I’m headed and the shocking thing?
I’m semi-retired here in my prime, if you’re wondering
It’s not an intentional sudden thing
I love this shit but it is sensibly cutting string
On a bad habit fact of the matter is
I’d be better off financially as a crack addict shit
So that’s if bag’s packed, might actually go
Down to the town of Rio

Second verse:

This is goodbye but I would never try to hide my wish
Not to have my second record be what I retire with
Not even thirty so it’s hurting but the wife and kid
Like to eat - man up provide some shit.
The equation of money making with music equals
A minus figure combined with liquor
That I drink it’s a bit of a shit budget
Wish I had bigger nuts to try a stick up
But I don’t so it’s on to the real world
Still I hope I get dough from some ill work
Start a company off with another dream as I’m mopping
Up competition still "hip hop" when I leave
So if you’ve been with me since yesterday
Joined in the present, way up to future decades - hey
I’d like to say thanks for pressing play
Now I’m trading Freo for a beach in Rio
Track Name: Alfie (feat. The Missus)
First verse:

I still remember the last time I cried
That was ’06 the night your brother died
So when I’m told of your impending arrival
As a 24 week old premmie my spine chilled
Hands clamming up I’m standing and just drop the phone
Speeding down the freeway to Subi’s King Edwards Hospital
It’s not good, I can tell by the Doctor’s tone
Maybe save the baby or a stillbirth’s how the options go
But if you try to save the life it’s rife with complications
Increased percentage of disability in the equation
Facts and figures shoved in front on a pad
They range from horrid to sad
Consult our mum’s and our dad’s
Because it’s going to impact
The whole family if the result is bad
He might as well have put a gun in my hand
And now I’m stuck, give my son a real chance
Or call it quits and not risk the fifty odd percent stats
Of a death on arrival the question was primal
Negative “no”, the positive “yes” to survival
We felt it’s only right to let him now fight
And the minute we said we did it went mental my wife goes
On a hospital bed screaming when struck with injections
Leaving magnesium under her flesh
Wanting to rip her own skin off was intense
As each evening she’s being squeezed with steroids for his chest
And it’s all so much stress with the hope of success
Diminished then reappearing each moment a wreck
When I’m home and depressed
Sculling alcohol till I’m numb from myself
It sucked knowing I could do nothing to help

Second verse:

9th of March saw your four month early arrival
Surrounded by about five nurses a child weighing
Just over 700 grams they’re saying he’s been revived
And made it alive they’ve taken him right away
To nursery 3, premature baby ICU
Soon as I step inside feels like a zoo
Caged little things trembling parents beside them boo’ing
Bright lights and soon I arrive for my first sight of you
Barely the size of my hand without an ounce of fat
Cotton bud for a nappy and have
Doctors shoving tubes into you’re throat
Wires leading to a beeping computer and so
Here it is: the birth of my son “congratulations”
I’m sat they’re swaying this doesn’t feel like a celebration
Seeing complication taking the lives along the way
Left me feeling sorry but also grateful you made it.


You've been a fighter from the starting day
Can't believe you made it out OK
So anytime that you're feeling doubt
Don't forget you're here now....