Alive Again (feat. Rob Shaker)

from by LSD

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Man I could never leave, how?
When hearing beats like this I’m at peace now.
(When I find my pen, I’m alive again)
And to think I nearly let it go
When this shit is like the medicine here for my soul
(When I find my pen, I’m alive again)

First verse:

I strike out at kids on beats like this was little league
It leaves them trembling when they see my delivery
Bring me the illest see why they call me “GP with ninja feet”
Or “Doctor hook kick” for the way I heal/heel these sick MCs
Like fucking on pills I’ve come at my peak
But it’s with some narcoleptic pussy all these cunts are asleep
Could it be ‘cause of the way I often honestly speak
Like there’s no radio play unless the presenter’s on your release
And I can number ten reasons of why I want to (one, two)
Be a beacon of threedom to the people in my songs through
The right way fourcing applause for my thoughts if I’ve (five) made
A bit of difference while spitting the sick (six) shit then life’s great
And it’s heaven (seven) when you’re getting recognition for the rhyme play
But it don’t really happen that much with mine meight
It’s all good an iron (nine) will combines well with a mic stay
Gripped to the mission content with my place


Second verse:

Like dysfunctional bowels, with a mic I screw shit up, but
Don’t ever let somebody tell me that I’m stupid bruz
If every clever sentence I invented represented a victim
Too many get stepped on and wrecked by ruthless cunts
And rappers can act like dudes that are super suss
Whether parents, teachers or policeman all they do is judge
“You’re not true hip hop, don’t know you, and your tunes all suck”
It proves they’re being the ignorant dickhead they just accused you of
The clever kid that never listened so I ‘spose
Intelligence in everything isn’t an IQ number
Now I paint pictures with lyrics touching the soul
‘Cause some work different be it visually or tactile but the
Combination has got them saying LSD’s
System suggests that it knows best while that sly fucker
Spits subliminal missiles if you’re critical it still
Sucks you in like some human sized venus fly trap – you’re "buggered"
The GFC to pathetic MCs economy, as they are
Relegated to lower income or poverty
For the fans of high standards in rap so yea you should probably leave
Because you didn’t fit in with what they say that you’ve got to be



Now there’s a third verse but it’s hidden
In every second sentence of the second verse I just spit
And if you rewind, have a listen
You’ll find my criticism
Of society’s insistence
On an education prison


from Off the Grid, released August 17, 2015



all rights reserved


LSD Perth, Australia

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