Big Star (feat. The Missus)

from by LSD

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First verse:

Effortless butter flow sends ya head to another zone
Forget ya stress with a bottle open or get ya self an O
Z to roll up and just puff and then when ya comfortable
I’ll start the show, ladies and gentlemen welcome to one and all
I’m LSD, better believe it rhymes lead a mind deep into
Ego abyss these other kids they just aren’t as dope
Trying to bite on my flavour’s asking for danger
And leaves ya gasping like victims of waterboarding in Guantanamo
Bay, lame artists all pray off grid I remain, they
Know if I don’t then their fans would be halved in a day
All it takes is one listen they see what they’re missing then
in an instant our playlists switch their positions like
conscientious fuckers insist except my music is
Anything but and if it’s on top then it always finishes first,
leaving the cunts in a fit! You’ll feel me long after I ex-
tinguish since I’m bringing the verbal equivalent of a million arsonist hits


I’ll take up my shit on the move
You stay stuck there just watching me
I’m gunna leave I’m gunna leave this rap stuff
While others dream they’re gunna be a big star

You go watch who pays for hip hop
When it’s played on airwaves it’s kids bucks
I’m gunna leave while others be a big star
Get around the underground and hear this new shit is hot

Second verse:

Now conscious rappers sound suss when they discuss
how much they hate Straight bars, do you like watching
boxing minus punches to ‘cause mate amusing insults in
hip hop’s about as mutually exclusive as that or ugly women in make up,
Brain sparks flames on mic’s witnesses leave
Thunderstruck like AC/DC I’m “current” and make charge
Exceed your phone company’s monthly limit for data
Apologies my tunes are constantly refreshing, Shaker!
Muddy my vocals or something, give these new jokers a fucking
Chance to rap before I cause the entire genres combustion
In fact fuck fire I spit liquid nitrogen hop in
The booth after me you leave dying of pneumonia coughing
When I pen a verse the mental service watches my health
‘Cause all I can think about is how am I going to be topping my self
Arrogant? Nah I’m just a fucking cunt, can’t you tell?
And I’m not going to stop until I cop head off the whole of hip hop while in hell


Third verse:

Aerosol Rhyme Tags Insightful Samples Then
Applies Rapidly Timed Intellectual Sentences That
Are Required To Inspire Several Technically
Adequate Rhymers This Is Satisfying: Try
And Rap To Improve Standards Tonight
Lyricists that feel the lamestream’s alienating you
Just play K Rino, Life MC or Raven here in Australia
I remember the feeling of filth I left with in the
Days that I fucked with A and R
Like TI’s ST infection off Iggy Azalia
I’ve rapped the acronym, said 3, spelt the letters in the last two bars these kids
Still struggle to grasp with what the fucking hell an ARTIST is
I’ll tell you what it is not the shit currently passed in
To radio offices what’s with the nonsense they play to us
God it’s so garbage if you’re not under six or partly retarded
I hold you responsible it’s simple economics if
You’re dumb enough to consume it
Some fuck head’s going to produce it
Vote with your wallet or choose to
Spread some knowledge in music please.


from Off the Grid, released August 17, 2015



all rights reserved


LSD Perth, Australia

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