Go (feat. The Missus & Rob Shaker)

from by LSD

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Every minute I
Go (I keep it moving, moving on)
Every week, every day, every minute I
Go (I keep it moving, moving on)
If I fall down always stand tall and
Go (I keep it moving, moving on)
Every week every day every minute I
Go, won’t slow don’t know “no” just go! (I’ll never stop can’t you see?)

First verse:

So much winning when you’re living in the city of Perth
It’s only right that I spit a little shit to Creed Birch
And just like my beginning igniting many words
This mic’s got me feeling real nice when I’m immersed I
Go, flow through life like I do a show
Our minute of existence to slight to be living slow
That’s why I want to know about that sky trail of smoke
And the nano-technology all the way up to the GMO’s
Don’t let it get to me just steadily learn
Fuck it, I’d rather be ready if we’re getting burnt
But keep it a party with the fam and friends you bet we’re berserk
And building an army you can trust that marks success on this earth
Stagnation the enemy that will never censor me
‘Cause when you have it critical faculties end with ease
Or you’re just static lounged on a couch of apathy
For me there isn’t time, every minute I…


Second verse:

Life’s survival, trials to fight with
That’s why finding the right sidekick’s priceless
Someone to spend all the time not just a night with
And why I’m so god damn proud of who my wife is
Perpetually move through the good and the bad
All better for it to, now a crew with a son on the map
Could never now lose what’s pursued, long as they’ve got my back
In fact, I’ve won and now if I see negativity hitting me then I’ll be picking me
Back the fuck up jump up like some kind of ninja figurine
While enemies dither and I’m exploding their shit into smithereens
Into the mid twenties time to trade blazing for vitamins
Still hitting the piss but then next day up and hitting gyms
Stay on the grind. Why? They want you to lose
But that’s harder to do when you constantly move
Never stop fuck brakes, get it done trust, mate
Shit I’m finished with the talking ay, yo tell them what’s up shakes



from Off the Grid, released August 17, 2015



all rights reserved


LSD Perth, Australia

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