Ol' School (feat. Rob Shaker)

from by LSD

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Who spit it as slick as this? The verbally liquid lipid kid
"I’m done with the battle rapping" who the fuck I think I’m kidding?
Shit I’m ill at it.
Mind faster than Schumacher in his prime but unlike his end result
Those opposed end up comatose
So fuck all those,
Bringing the beef you can leave like a vegetable or suffer from a fucking overdose
Of LSD turn bat shit crazy wear a dress and pee
Sitting down with a frown because there is no remedy


If you’re not down with that ol’ school sound
(Back the fuck up)
If you won’t ever do fat boom bap
(Back the fuck up)

Second verse:

I’ll have these new cats saying “who’s that
Slamming goon back from the goon bag cranking boom bap?”
“Well dude that’s LSD check his new track”
“It sounds kind of old though, but I guess he’s got a dope flow”
That’s all you need to know
Plus any people who delve a little deeper know
That my bars are unbelievable
Five star all of the eager blokes
Who try hard but are just weak at flows
Tell me why these mcs try to reinvent the wheel bro?
From that monotonous singy songy rapping shit
To kids dribbling shit they need to cut back on the laxatives
Or the inadequate effort to rapid spit but nobody can understand the shit
Like skinny jeans their shitty beats also need fattening
So like the outcome of a scrap, if one of you cats
Tried to match me skill for skill over a microphone - no doubt you’d crash
While triumphantly I’ll emerge without a scratch
That’s cool, but the fact your record does the same thing’s fucking wack


from Off the Grid, released August 17, 2015



all rights reserved


LSD Perth, Australia

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