This is Now

from by LSD

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First verse:

Ed Snowden showed a real tragedy
Not that privacy died
But so many know the fallacy
They don’t deny that life
Is slowly unraveling, governments cracking
And close to insanity but the reaction of
This shrug of the shoulders baffles me
There’s just so much goddamn apathy
Since 9/11 our freedoms
Taken the same exit
As the world trade centre 7
Has from todays history records
What’s up with the sky being dirty?
I remember in my childhood it wasn’t murky
So I know there must be something to the claims in
The doco "What in the World are They Spraying?”


This is now
Just say no
What does it take
For the human race to explode?

Second verse:

It’s easy to be dismissing this
Believing it’s ridiculous
Well at least search for the meaning
Of the term cognitive dissonance
I used to think the shit would hit
Some distant future fan but this is it
They say ignorance is bliss
Well let’s tell that to Fukushima’s kids
Sucks to be them and most ignore it
What about what goes unreported
Since the earthquake each day
Hundreds of tonnes of nuclear waste enter ocean’s waters
And what about when global orders
Go the same way as the FDA
Just change the safety scale
For radiated food intake and the problem’s sorted


Third verse:

Had enough these old bastards regard us
As another farm animal but the pastures
Getting smaller so they thought they should start to
Depopulate and creating disasters
Just part of the plan for our masters
And Monsanto is a grand thing for culling
With the added bargain of them copping all our money
When succumbing to cancer from all their GMO garbage
Glyphosate isn’t just getting us sick
Research shows four generations exposed to it never have kids
How can we get these mother fuckers to just lessen their grip?
I don’t know the answer but there must be something better than this.


from Off the Grid, released August 17, 2015



all rights reserved


LSD Perth, Australia

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