Good Times (feat. Rob Shaker)

from by LSD

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First verse:

Back attacking the track yo rap novices
Shaker’s basically daring you not to head nod to this
These days we’re offered the same old lame topics
With little taste made for the brainless main populace
But hey I’m dropping creative and stay positive
Just maybe I’ll be played to the new wave of hip hop’n kids
And they take away my whole aim and hypothesis
That rocking slick flows with substance is a must and fucking sick
Killing the similes and metaphors like I’m placing a
Sword in an aorta when spraying them
Rhymes sourced are more raw than a lion’s portion of steak
And the word forms are the prey - I slaughter each take with them
All I’m maintaining is I’ve spent more time honing this shit
Than a jehova’s witness would retorting an atheist
And you bet I sit and learn from rap greats
So I can reach a level comparable to Mr Burn’s catchphrase (“excellent”)

Second verse:

Originality is some shit that we badly need to have indeed
This madness seems to grip all of reality
I lose my sanity quicker than concentration in human anatomy
When rappers repeat a stupid analogy
This is your trade make better use of the language please
Or have at least a sense of flow to get over a slamming beat
This anarchy has to be down to the
Lack of patience kids racing to chase a fantasy
At the cost of solid topics and concepts
But of course they’re role models are fuck heads
Money driven with very little lyrical content
What’s worse is they observe the decision giving them success
Stuff them just do you fuck what the rest say
I stay an artist regardless words are the best paint
Delivering dope it’s like I’m Mexican for the fresh way
I pack each sentence with so many references I’m an essay
(It’s not all about “success”)

Third verse:

I feel sorry for the cunts stuck knee deep in this rap game
Believing they’ll grab pay, or need it to have mates
When some of the peeps in this scene can seem conceited and act way
Faker than claimants of centrelink payments for back pain
Not shaking my hand like it’s a fucking punishment
Fact is if you act like that then I probably don’t want to kid
And I don’t got a problem with anyone up in this
Even though it’s not mutual it’s futile to give a fuck ‘bout it
So I don’t bro, bitching’s a no go
If you show negativity I flip it like Dojo’s
Use that shit for the energy to keep all my shows dope
Hone flows ripping new holes like you’re the ozone
So sick of this whole thinking divisibly really
We need as many kids in this scene that can kill a beat
So when I hear one I think it’s wicked for this city
And it keeps me persistently working better with each CD
(If you’re bored “I got the remedy”)


from Off the Grid, released August 17, 2015



all rights reserved


LSD Perth, Australia

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