Off the Grid (feat. Rob Shaker)

from by LSD

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First verse:

Welcome to the sound of a man now out of the frame of rap
All of his own accord since he ignored playing the games to rack
Cash, fame, or having a name, ‘cause the main
Motivation is respect of others who peddle the trade
Based on skill, fuck the popularity contest
Aim to kill mics whether I’m liked or not ‘cause nonsense
Is often present in hip hop’s presence some kids get jealous
Or fellas start hating just because of your associations
There’s no debating, shit gets ridiculous
Cunts don’t know me yet show negativity through ignorance
Well my decision is – not to be giving a fuck
I don’t need to be the “new star” or feel like I need to conceal a grudge
Or bother having them, brother it’s just not happening
Most rappers will happily admit that I’m body bagging them
I got nothing to prove, not in the pocket of music
Money makers, no fan base, so mate I got fuck all to lose…

Second verse:

I don’t pull a crowd so I understand how
I’m expected to shift tickets if I’m standing around
On a stage these days but making mates and family now
Pay their way to hang out is wack as fuck so I’m tapping out
No more gigs that’s cool, don’t need the hassle to
Hustle cash for another when I’m scrapping for food
And shit when I begun, just spitting rhymes was fun
But then the bitching guys and business side decide to come
So fuck all this I’ll just live off of the grid
No more pressure for records, do just a couple of gigs
On my own terms until the bucket is kicked
Not bothered for nothing just having some fun with this shit
Kicking it simply to keep my virility
Because you can bet the effect that I have is infesting a bunch of new “mini me’s”
New kid MC’s are classic, act like they don’t like it
Next week they’re record drops and then they’ve tried to bite it


from Off the Grid, released August 17, 2015



all rights reserved


LSD Perth, Australia

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